Ana Lluch Hernández

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Ana Lluch Hernández

100% oncologist

Cancer is one of the diseases that worry us most. The science of cancer is called Oncology and the medical specialist is an “oncologist”. Ana Lluch is an oncologist at a hospital in Valencia and teaches Oncology at the Faculty of Medicine.

Her research mainly deals with breast cancer. Cancer is not a contagious disease, but it can be inherited and there are people with a higher risk of developing it. Therefore it is important to know which genes transmit it to try to prevent it.

Doctor Lluch says there are also new ways of treating the disease, like hormones and cytotoxic agents, which act as a kind of poison for cancer cells.

One of her talks about breast cancer was entitled: “Towards personalized medicine for breast cancer”. This is because her research aims to help each patient with a specific treatment to fight this worrying disease.