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Welcome to MURCIA MOBILITY, the Murcian Researchers' Mobility Network.

MURCIA MOBILITY, coordinated by the Seneca Foundation - the Agency for Science and Technology in the Region of Murcia - is formed by the major institutions of the Regional System of Science, Technology and Innovation (universities, public research centres and technology centres), as well as other agencies and collaborators, and seeks a dual purpose:

  • On the one hand, it aims to attract external researchers -mainly foreign- to universities, research centres and technology centres within the Region of Murcia, by providing the necessary information and services in order to help overcome difficulties that often hinder mobility;
  • Secondly, it seeks to enable the Murcian researchers to access more than 200 Euraxess Services Centres belonging to the 36 countries party to the initiative, where they can obtain information and assistance on legal, administrative, cultural and educational issues, funding opportunities and many other useful information in connection with their stay in the country of destination (visas and permits, taxation, housing, language courses, schooling for children, health system, etc.).