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The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology is the officially designated institution - appointed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation - whose purpose is to coordinate the establishment and operation of the Spanish Network of Mobility Centres (EURAXESS Spain).

The Spanish Network is formed by the ESC from each Autonomous Community. In Murcia, the Seneca Foundation - Regional Science and Technology Centre - was appointed as a ESC given its experience and expertise in this field, its close connections with all the Murcian universities, public research centres and technology centres, as well as it being the implementing agency for the programmes and activities scheduled under the Science and Technology Plan of Murcia.

The Spanish Network's main support is provided by the Spanish Researcher's Mobility Portal which gives relevant information to foreign researchers coming to Spain, and to Spanish researchers coming home, about job vacancies, research grants, Spanish science and technology system, legal, social and cultural issues, anothers regional ESC, etc. and includes an Online guide for foreign researchers in Spain which aims to answer all the researcher's key concerns upon arrival in Spain, and to provide information on the procedures required in order to settle in Spain.

Moreover, there is a National ESC ( to which the researcher can address his or her queries concerning national issues.